Help is generally very easy to use. Just hit that green Upload button on the main page and select the files you want to upload. You can select an unlimited number of files at once, they'll all be uploaded simultaneously, with a separate progress display for each. How cool is that?

As the uploads are completed, preview tabs for each file will appear below the main upload area. You don't really need to do any more at this point, the file is already uploaded and ready for sharing. Links for direct linking, forum sharing, etc all can be copied from the preview tab with a single click.

If you have a second, please give your images a description and a few tags so that knows what they're about and people can find them (if you don't mark them as private, that is).

Currently, uploading is anonymous, but user registration with an uploaded file storage and advanced tools such as image resizing, cropping, video and audio format conversions, etc, will be available soon. Come back and watch out for news!

If you're stumped about something, notice bugs or have ideas on how we could improve the site, please contact us - you're always welcome.