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What is this and how does it work?

Tired of lame, clunky uploading and sharing services overloaded with ads and requiring you to register before you can do anything?

Upl.co is the answer. It's designed to be as lightweight and nice to use as possible. No registration is needed (but it does give you lots of additional perks). Here, you can mass upload any files - pictures, videos, music, data - with 1 click and zero hassle.

The uploaded files are recognized automatically and an instant editable preview is displayed for each of them, along with links for conveniently sharing it anywhere - on message boards, Facebook, Twitter, in email, you name it.

Your uploads can be left as single files or organized in flexible galleries with no size or type limits. You can mix images, music, videos, and data in a gallery at will, and share galleries with a unique permanent link just as easily as a single upload.

Gallery files can be organized and edited, both individually and in bulk, in an easy to use interface supporting drag & drop and lots more.

For images, a powerful graphical editor is available. For audio and video, conversion tools to many formats.

You have unlimited space, and we never delete files (unless they're against our ToS). Basically, it's an uploading service by users, for users.

Simple, isn't it? Go ahead and try it!

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